Aviagen Turkeys supplies turkey breeding stock from the industry leading B.U.T. and Nicholas brands. B.U.T. and Nicholas turkeys are recognized around the globe for their superior quality and performance. Our portfolio provides our customers with a choice of market-leading products to suit their operations.


Nicholas Select

The new industry standard for companies that require high meat yielding turkeys at lowest cost.

The Nicholas Select excels in meat yield, weight gain and feed conversion. It provides the best economic returns for both live production and processing operations.

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B.U.T. 6

The European leader for efficient meat production is now available in the U.S.A.

The B.U.T. 6 is a balanced turkey and its combination of robustness, weight and feed efficiency has made it the leader in Europe and a natural fit for the U.S. market.

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A very flexible heavy strain turkey that combines weight, yield and liveability.

The Premium combines growth, meat yield and livability for a turkey that grows well in a range of climates.

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Traditional Markets

Valley of the Moon Turkeys is a division of Aviagen Turkeys, supplying premium quality white and bronze turkey poults.

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