Aviagen Turkeys operates over 20 farms and two hatcheries in the Greenbrier Valley. The company provides jobs for over 180 people in the community and there are a range of career opportunities available.

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Farm/Flock Supervisor

Aviagen Turkeys is seeking an outstanding individual to join our operations team within our Laying and Rearing departments. This position is full-time, exempt, with full benefits and reports to the Department Managers. The person will work closely with growers and farm leads to ensure that all activities are performed properly, and will be responsible for supervising employees to complete all tasks necessary to produce breeders for our genetic program.

  • Facilitate the leadership, direction, and development needed to motivate direct-reports to work as a team to meet corporate, and production, goals and objectives.
  • Accept responsibility for and work towards meeting goals, company/departmental/and individual. 
  • Responsible for the daily feeding schedule, availability to water, appropriate ventilation and proper care of the birds. 
  • Responsible for general daily cleanliness of the poultry houses (interior and exterior) including proper euthanasia and disposal of mortality. 
  • Responsible for coordinating maintenance and repairs of poultry facilities (exterior and interior) includes all equipment throughout the poultry houses and all ancillary equipment associated with any activity required for proper functioning of the poultry houses (Trucks, Skid Loaders, Tools, etc.). 
  • Assist with maintaining rodent, fly and pest control program. 
  • Responsible for working with production staff to ensure quality product coming from the poultry houses. 
  • Responsible for the flock’s well-being and flock performance. 
  • Responsible for all required recordkeeping as required by management; safety, compliance, scheduling of bird placement, scheduling of production staff, and scheduling of production needs as determined by customer demand / management forecast. 
  • Responsible for ensuring adherence to bio-security policy, animal welfare, and regulatory compliance. 
  • Ensures the safety and efficiency of poultry farm operations. 
  • Prioritizes tasks and decides on the necessary amount of machinery and number of workers. 
  • Records data and creates reports on worker attendance, budget, supplies and animal growth.
  • Assigns duties to farm workers and ensures that they are carried out in an efficient manner.
  • Oversee the machinery that performs certain tasks, such as egg sanitization.
  • Training new workers, providing care to injured or ill livestock and enforcing workplace sanitation practices to prevent the spread of disease.    
  • Required: Fluent in English and Spanish.  
  • Bachelor’s Degree in related field (i.e. Poultry/Animal Science, Biology, and Operations Management) and/or related field experience equivalent to the degree 2+ years leadership experience. 
  • Good Communication (Written/Verbal) skills; organized, goal oriented, and accountable. 
  • Good Leadership skills; strong interpersonal skills while being goal observant and team oriented. 
  • Must be competent in the Microsoft Office suite of products. 
  • Agile, able to lift over 50lbs. Also, must be able to work in various climate conditions. 
  • Must be able to work a flexible schedule including nights, weekends, and holidays as needed. 
  • Ability to multi task and work with a fast-paced environment while maintaining accuracy and efficiency. 
  • Valid Driver’s license. 
  • Poultry experience with background in vaccination, farm clean-outs, as well as farms and vehicle maintenance a plus.

IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN APPLYING FOR THIS POSITION PLEASE SUBMIT A CURRENT RESUME TO: Christi Boothe at 304-793-2680, ext 247 or [email protected]

Operations Manager

Aviagen Turkeys, Inc. is seeking an outstanding individual to fill the position of Operations Manager.  This position will report to the Vice President of Operations and will be based in Lewisburg, West Virginia. 

The ideal candidate will possess the following skills and attributes: 
  • Experience in the poultry breeding industry
  • Management experience and ability to oversee a diverse workforce 
  • Strategic vision is essential
  • Must be an effective change manager
  • Must be knowledgeable of programs that cover very high level bio-security
  • Good communication, organizational, and interpersonal skills; Bilingual is a plus
  • Experience in managing and motivating employees
  • Experience in Microsoft software is required, MTech is a plus
  • Education: Bachelor’s degree
 This Job Involves:  
  • Establishment and oversight of the operations budgets
  • Implementation of programs to improve biological performance, bird health and welfare
  • Implementation of programs to continuously improve operating efficiencies 
  • Active participation in establishing programs and corrective actions to improve egg and poult quality
  • Active participation on farms and in hatcheries to ensure programs and plans are successful
  • Critical assessment of data to ensure programs and plans are successful
  • Work closely with production planning to ensure an adequate supply of product
  • Lead the management of the Transportation Department to ensure high quality deliveries and adherence to DOT requirements
  • Oversee the implementation of the employee safety program