About Aviagen Turkeys

Aviagen Turkeys is the premier primary breeding company developing pedigree lines for the global turkey industry. The company develops and markets B.U.T. and Nicholas turkeys around the world.
Aviagen Turkeys is part of the Aviagen Group, the leading poultry breeding company headquartered in Huntsville, Alabama. Aviagen develops breeds of chickens and turkeys through a pedigree selection process.
    • Research & Development

      Aviagen Turkeys delivers the highest genetic progress.
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    • Customer Support

      Aviagen Turkeys provides hands-on practical management advice through our Customer Support Teams.
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    • Supply Network

      Aviagen Turkeys has two operations supporting the B.U.T. and Nicholas brands worldwide. Aviagen Turkeys Inc. & Aviagen Turkeys Ltd.
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    • Health and Biosecurity

      Aviagen Turkeys takes its responsibility in the food supply chain seriously; the key focus has been to keep flocks free from all commercially important infections, including all salmonellas and mycoplasmas.

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    • Welfare

      At Aviagen Turkeys, our welfare procedures meet or exceed industry standard practices which follow the guidelines and requirements set by industry organisations.
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