Aviagen Turkeys Proudly Supports the State Fair of WV & Ag Students

The State Fair of West Virginia stands as a vibrant celebration of the region's rich agricultural heritage and a testament to the hard work and dedication of its farming communities.


This annual event brings together people from all walks of life to partake in a grand showcase of livestock, local produce, crafts, and entertainment. Beyond its festive atmosphere, the fair plays a vital role in supporting agricultural students, offering them educational opportunities, scholarships, and a platform to showcase their talents and innovations.

As a beacon of tradition and progress, the State Fair of West Virginia is a cherished gathering that fosters a deep appreciation for agriculture while nurturing the next generation of agricultural leaders.

We set up the informative and educational display in the Blue Ribbon Center building alongside other poultry organizations in the state, including the West Virginia Department of Agriculture. 

We are a bronze level contributor to the SFWV scholarship fund.

SFWV Scholarship info: In association with corporate, civic and individual contributors, and with support from the State Fair Endowment, five, four-year scholarships for up to $1,000 a year will be awarded to individuals who have participated in one or more of the following areas at the State Fair:

  1. State Fair Junior Show – market animals, purebred animals and dairy.
  2. Equine Programs – State Fair’s Open Horse Show or Junior Horse and Pony Show.
  3. 4-H and FFA Youth Exhibit Program – 4-H and FFA Underwood Youth Center.

Applicants must be pursuing a vocational trade, associate or bachelor degree, and must have participated in the junior livestock show, equine show or 4-H and FFA Youth Exhibit Program within the previous five (5) years.